Who is DCJ

DCJ is, as shown by various photos of them eating Wasabi (except for Ben who doesn't eat...ever), with nicknames I made up and we never use:

Dann "Cardboard" Thombs

Dann does most of the editing and special effects for DCJ films. He takes care of most of the bothersome technical problems that computers bring and spends hours tweaking movie frames to get them just right. Most of the time, when a scene is done, he retains no knowledge of how it was completed. He also acts, films, directs and sometimes scripts.

Chris "Five Dollars" Thombs

Chris is in charge primarily of scripting and monitoring continuity throughout the movie. He also helps edit and do some special effects. He is our main recruiter and gets most of the people over to film.

John "Ivy League" Heins

John is the third original member of DCJ. He and chris used to film since age 8, and joined Dann two years later. He is our main 'real' actor and knows how to flip people onto the ground. John is currently majoring in film and hopefully will get up well known and famous some day.

Jon "Evileye" Barlow

Jon joined the core DCJ team in 2001 after standing in for character in Six Aces. He went on to become Tusk in Forgotten Past and continues in Midnight Shadows. He is our main trickster/powerlifter, and can jump insanely high.

Ben "The Cynic" Grace

Ben also joined later with Jon, and got his first major role as Pat the Vampire in Zombie Jamboree. We are never allowed to go to his house, but he comes over enough to film his parts.

DCJ's use of Duct Wars is strictly educational and not-for-profit. All movies were meant as a basis to test filming techniques and technology, as well as having some fun. DCJ acknowledges the many similarities between Duct Wars and Starwars, and takes no ownership for 'sabers' or similar names used.