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jasmine 9/17/2005
love the website!

Keith 7/31/2004
I love it! lets trade links

dayna 5/24/2004
hey my brother told me about you guys! Duct tape is sexy, nice photos!

ryan 5/24/2004
awsome, please send me a copy!

Jared L 3/27/2004
Hey guys, i went to the screening of "Midnight Shadows" last night @ salve and thought your movie was awesome. i was entertained the whole time and really into the movie. there was so much action and special FXs. keep up the good work and if you ever need any extras my sn in justsomeguy108. Rock on guys!!

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DCJ's use of Duct Wars is strictly educational and not-for-profit. All movies were meant as a basis to test filming techniques and technology, as well as having some fun. DCJ acknowledges the many similarities between Duct Wars and Starwars, and takes no ownership for 'sabers' or similar names used.